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Who We Are ?

To Do Club is international consulting company with its registered office in Tbilisi, Georgia, specializing in e-Government Procurement. The company supports businesses and governments to develop and implement transparent, equal and efficient eProcurement system, which enables to achieve the best value for taxpayers’ money (it is estimated that public procurement budget worldwide exceeds USD 5.5 trl. per year). To Do Club has a perfectly qualified and experienced team with the strong expertise in the public procurement reform process, in particular in designing and implementing end-to-end eProcurement systems.

To Do Club and its experts are working with numerous multilateral development institutions like the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, USAID, Open Contracting Partnership and others. It should be underlined, that three most successful recent Government Procurement reforms, in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, have been designed, architected and implemented by the active involvement of To Do Club and its experts Tato Urjumelashvili and David Marghania.

In Georgia the eProcurement reform was implemented since 2010 using the so called “top-down approach”. Mono-platform system Ge-GP (version 1) was developed and administered by the Georgian State Procurement Agency (David Marghania and Tato Urjumelashvili were managing the Agency). In 2014 contrary to the approach used in Georgia, the world's famous Ukrainian eProcurement multi-platform eProcurement system Prozorro (version 2), is the example of bottom-up reform. It is based on eProcurement reform concept, developed by To Do Club experts. eProcurement reform in 2016 in Moldova M-Tender is mostly based on Georgian and Ukrainian examples and is driven by donor community.

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