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To Do Club at 2017 Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference

July 29, 2017

To Do Club expert David Marghania shared his practical experience in 2017 Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference. He was invited as a panel speaker at Digital Tools for Democratic Governance panel, which was focused on use of digital tools in involving communities and civil society organisations into decision-

making and developing ideas for policy improvements. David’s messages highlighted how transparency, openness and electronization of public services impacted involvement of civil society in decision making process and gave opportunities for better civic oversight, thus increasing democracy level. David introduced different experience and approaches to reforms on the examples of Georgian eGovernance reforms 2004-2014, public procurement reform started in 2014 and resulted in creation of Система публічних електронних закупівель ProZorro in Ukraine and 2016 pilot of electronic procurement system Achizițiile publice şi private din Moldova - in Moldova. The full list of panelists, distinguished experts are as follows: Sinziana Poiana, from DGNEAR, David Marghania, from ToDoClub, Sahil Mammadli, from ASAN; Liia Hänni from Estonian e Governance Academy Hille Hinsberg, Expert from Praxis;

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