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    Jaba Ebanoidze’s professional carrier emerged as an NGO figure to the high-level public official of Georgia, and an international consultant in the public sector in more recent years.
    International consultancy in public sectors was focused in post-soviet countries of Ukraine, where he was advising the Ministry of Justice for property and business registration reform; Kazakhstan, where he consults the government for administrative services reforms; Armenia and Uzbekistan, where reform of customs administration is his primary focus.
    Before, Jaba Ebanoidze worked as a top manager at different agencies of the government of Georgia.
    Working as the Chairman of the Revenue Services of Georgia, he undertook institutional reform and transformed organizational structure of tax and customs agencies; initiated new approaches to the relationship with the business, developed a number of procedures to ease contacts between tax authorities and taxpayers; initiated and implemented actions to support small and medium business development.
    Being chairman of the National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, he initiated fundamental institutional, legal, administrative and technological reforms. introduced e-Governance technologies for property and business registration and ensured simple and easily accessible services for customers. As a result of these reforms, Georgia was ranked on the leading positions in WB and IFC Doing Business List during the last several years.
    Working as a Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia in and at the same time as chairman of the National Bureau of Enforcement continued his efforts to make e-services at Bureau more efficient and flexible, supported the establishment of one window principle.
    Before joining the government, Jaba worked as director of the Association for Protection of

    Landowners’ Rights (APLR) – one of the largest and successful NGOs in Georgia; managed multi-million dollar USAID Land Market Development Project, through which agricultural land reform was implemented in Georgia; supervised a team of nearly 100 people, coordinated efforts of land registration, legal consultations, quality assurance, outreach to communities, land rights protection;
    worked with the government and parliament for key legal initiatives; supported enactment of land legislation based on which further large-scale privatization of agricultural land remaining in state ownership was carried out.
    Mr. Ebanoidze participated in dozens of international conferences and workshops in different countries dealing with modern concepts of economic development, land administration, e-governance and management.

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