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Managing partner of To Do Club Ltd, has 18 year working experience and his main areas of expertise refer management consultancy, strategic and project management, entrepreneurship and investment portfolio management. He started his career as intern and grown to Head of consulting practice of Ernst & Young (CIS), afterwards establishing his own consulting company. During these years he has worked with many large Georgian and foreign companies and public sector. Alexander has managed different projects across various industries for the private and public entities. Some of the notable projects refer to: preparation of organizational analysis, strategy and structure elaboration for Georgian Public Broadcaster; Developing land plot acquisition and remuneration approaches for BP Pipeline company; Elaborating development strategy and action plan for National Investment Agency; JAMR program funded by USAID, (Assessment of the HR Management System in the Georgian Judiciary, developing an action plan and providing recommendations on improvement project); Developing Organizational Structure and HR System in State Procurement Agency of Georgia (SPA). Project funded by EC; G-Media program funded by USAID (Media industry research); TBC Bank (development of the motivation system). During this time period Alexander implemented over 100 consulting projects and raised more than 80 million FDI through various investment projects. From 2002 to 2007 Alexander acted as a lecturer in strategic management in Business school ESM Tbilisi (currently Free University). From 2012 to 2015, Alexander shifted to public sector and held positions of Deputy Minister of Defence and Deputy Minister of Justice. He gained valuable knowledge and hands on experience working in a public sector. He was involved in strategy and action plan development, structural optimization process of the ministries, has worked with various international consultants. During this time period Alexander managed 80 million budget deficit, constructed 3 public service halls and 9 municipal centers, developed and enrolled governmental cloud and TNS project. Alexander was granted with EU award for achievements in E-governance. In 2015 Alexander returned to private sector and continued consultancy and entrepreneurial practice. He acts as a project director of SME Support in regions project, component of state initiated program “Produce in Georgia” and financed more than 700 SMEs in the regions of Georgia.

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